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Your style

No matter how you test, with us you get your personal page on our platform, which you can customize if necessary.

In addition to the general information such as the address, opening hours, cooperating doctors, test methods and test center type, you can also customize your logo, colors and banner.


Fast, secure and contactless

After registering a customer, he receives a secure and unique ID in the form of a QR code. This means that check-in can be carried out quickly and contactlessly.

The QR code can also be easily scanned at the test and evaluation station. The software then documents the process and the test is clearly assigned to a customer ID. This is necessary in order to automatically transmit the test result to the customers later and to avoid confusion.



The complete application is developed as a software-as-service solution. Everything runs in your browser without you having to worry about installation or hardware.

If you have an Internet-enabled device, you can get started right away after you register.


Hardware Support

You want to get the most out of coronatestcenter.net? Then we recommend working with tablets or laptops and using a QR code scanner. If you need any recommendations, please feel free to contact us. We do not sell hardware, but we can give you a recommendation.

(Alternatively, customer IDs can be captured manually with any Internet-enabled device.)


Individual graphics

creating advertising and posters can take a lot of time. Here, too, we have a solution:

We have prepared banners, flyers and other advertising materials that you can order from us for your test center. Of course, they are also specially adapted to your test center.


No risk

No commitment, no monthly costs and no advance payments. With us you only pay for what you test!

We charge per test. So you have no financial risk and can concentrate entirely on the organization of your test center.



Our platform can be used in German, English, Turkish, Russian and Polish.


We will help you with questions about the platform and support you with advertising material on request.


No subscription and no hidden costs. With us you have full control over your costs.


Be more effective

No waiting time, no paper, no stress. Thanks to coronatestcenter.net, tests can be documented quickly, effectively and paperlessly.

Fair price

We only charge what you have tested. No subscription and no hidden costs.

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